Black Reef Coast Waterkeeper


Jing Wang
[email protected]



The Black Reef refers to a scenic coastline of Dalian city, Liaoning Province, China. The reef was formed millions of years ago. The coast was shaped by the dissolution of limestone by ocean waves and surface water. It is a typical karst landscape. It was known as the “Stone Forest on the Sea.” But recently, as people reclaimed land indiscriminately, the exposed rocks are getting destroyed, and marine species are declining sharply.

Jing Wang graduated from the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE) where she was a key member of DUFE’s Young Volunteers Association. Given her degree and experiences with youth, she joined Blue Dalian (sponsoring organization of Black Reef Coast Waterkeeper) in 2016. She manages the Biliu River pollution project, coordinates a youth program with Huaimeng, an environmental group in Dalian, and oversees the work of Black Reef Coast Waterkeeper. As the Black Reef Coast Waterkeeper, she aims to strengthen and expand the reputation of the organization in Dalian. 


31 JinXin Road Ganjingzi district
Dalian, Liaoning 116038