Jiulong River Waterkeeper


Azure Ma
[email protected]

The Jiulong River is the second largest river in Fujian Province passing through Long’yan Zhangzhou and Xiamen, and emptying into the Taiwan Strait (also called Formosa Strait) opposite to the port of Xiamen. The Jiulong watershed has an area of 5,692 square miles, roughly 12% of the landmass of Fujian Province, and has its share of the provincial economy at around 26.7%. It is threaten mainly by industrial and agricultural pollutants.

Azure Ma is the founder and General Director of Xiamen Green Cross Association (XMGCA), and the Jiulong River Waterkeeper organization. Ms. Ma has a background in management and policy. She was nominated as the Top Ten most motivated personnel in Fujian Province. Ms. Ma has been active as the leading green voice, and has succeeded in spreading her passion and dedication for environmental protection by sharing experiences and views beyond the environmental protection field.


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