Iraq Upper Tigris Waterkeeper


Nabil Musa
[email protected]
964 7722987653



The upper basin of the Tigris River in Iraq includes the Fishkhaboor, Big (Greater) Zab, Little (Lesser or Lower) Zab and the upper Diyala rivers. Fishkhoboor and Big Zab rivers originate from the mountainous region of Turkey; and Little Zab and Upper Diyala rivers originate from Iran. As a transboundary river, it is threatened by upstream developments. While in Iraq, the river is threatened by local pollution and degradation.

Nabil Musa is a freelance artist and an environmental activist working as a Waterkeeper since 2011. He has a degree in Performing Arts (theatre), and has a great talent with documentary videography. Nabil makes films to bring awareness about water crisis and global warming.


Iraq Sulaimaniyah Post Office, PO Box 1154/63
, Kurdistan