Broad River Alliance, a Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate


David Caldwell
[email protected]



The Broad River originates in the mountains of western North Carolina and flows southeast through the foothills and Piedmont before entering South Carolina. Major tributaries include the Green, First Broad, Second Broad and North Pacolet rivers. There are also four major man-made lakes, including the popular Lake Lure. Some of the best-known natural beauties of the basin are Hickory Nut Gorge, Chimney Rock State Park and Lake Lure. The Broad River Basin contains more than 100,000 acres of public and private lands with rare animals, plants and natural communities.

David Caldwell will serve as the Coordinator for the Broad River Alliance, a Waterkeeper Affiliate. David moved into the Broad River watershed in 1987, after receiving an Engineering degree from Clemson University, and worked in manufacturing for several years in Shelby, NC. He has been fishing, paddling, and exploring the watershed rivers and tributaries for 27 years now. His familiarity with the geographic features in the area will serve the job well.


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