Friends of the Santa Cruz River, a Waterkeeper Affiliate


Sherry Sass
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Perhaps more than any other Arizona river, the Santa Cruz River transcends boundaries. It crosses the international border with Mexico twice, and traverses landscapes ranging from wild cienegas (marshes) to the urban downtown of Arizona’s second-largest city. It flows above and below ground, crossing the boundary of the Earth’s surface in response to changing conditions. And although it is highly imperiled, the preservation of the river’s remaining resources has motivated people with diverse priorities to transcend their differences in order to protect and restore the Santa Cruz.

FOSCR was formed in 1991 to “ensure a continued flow of the river’s surface waters, promote the highest river water quality achievable, and to protect and restore the riparian ecosystem and diversity of life supported by the river’s waters.” FOSCR focuses on the portion of the river from its headwaters in the San Rafael Valley, Arizona, south into Mexico, and then north to through Santa Cruz County, AZ. They work with riverside landowners, government agencies, and other citizens and community groups to keep the river flowing, its banks clean and green, and its environment bountiful to both wildlife and people.


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