East Kali River Waterkeeper


Raman Kant
[email protected]



East Kali River is an important source of running water in Western Uttar Pradesh supporting over 1,200 villages along its bank. It is a major tributary to the Holy River Ganga. The watershed is approximately 780 square miles. The river is being used as a dumping ground with substantial quantities of contaminants and untreated effluents from numerous sources disposed into it. The major factors are untreated industrial effluents, domestic sewage, agricultural runoff, and indiscriminate use of polythene. These contaminations have heavily polluted the groundwater and impacted the health of local residents.

Raman Kant founded the NEER Foundation (parent organization) in 2005 to help community members meet the growing demand for water in the region. It is his belief that environmental problems can only be addressed adequately if local people are involved in decision making at all levels and have control over resources. Mr. Kant has several achievements as a water advocate such as establishing the country's first Rural Rain Center in Poothi village at Meerut with the active support of local leaders.


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