Cisitu Waterkeeper


Yuyun Ismawati
[email protected]


The Cisitu Waterkeeper is named after the village of Cisitu, which translates from the Bahasa Indonesia language: ‘Lake Water’ (Ci = water, Situ = Lake) in the province of Banten, on Java island. Two rivers, the Ciater and the Cisungsang, flow through Cisitu and feed the ponds, surface and groundwater of the village. The villagers are all poisoned with mercury from artisanal small scale gold mining.

Haji Muhammad Okri or Abah Okri is the 18th generation of Kasepuhan Adat. His leadership has been accepted widely by his people and by Kasepuhan leaders in 14 other community clusters. On October 14, 2012, Abah Okri received a prestigious national award from the President of Indonesia for his leadership on food sovereignty. Abah Okri has been able to preserve the ritual and traditional values to implement ecologically safe agriculture practices taught by his ancestors hundred years ago.


Sesetan, Denpasar, Bali