Bargny Coast Waterkeeper


cheikh fadel wade



The city of Bargny, located on Hann Bay on the Atlantic coast of Senegal, West Africa, and 30 kilometers south of the capital port city of Dakar, is a fishing center.  Waters from upstream districts drain into Bargny's natural storm water catchment and used to supply water for surrounding communities and livestock.  Bargny Coast is suffering from lack of waste infrastructure, sea level rise, and extreme storms.  Now it is further threatened by coal pollution.

Fadel is experienced in social and local development.  He serves as class coordinator and president of Solidarity, an ecosocialist movement in Senegal.  Fadel is actively involved with culture and theater as tools for environmental protection, and is a member of Senegal's national network of organizations for the protection of the environment.


bargny, BP 233/Dakar /Senega