Rio Pauto Waterkeeper


Uriel Cordoba
[email protected]


The Pauto River is a tributary of the Meta River, itself a tributary of the Orinoco River.  The Río Pauto originates in at 12,000 feet above sea level in the East Andes, better known as Cordillera Oriental, the widest of the three branches of the Colombian Andres. The Pauto carves its path along the east flank of the Cordillera Oriental, until it reaches the piedmont plains and plateau. It meanders for approximaly1,300 miles and is one of the main sources of water and economic activity.  Along its way, the Pauto deposits valuable nutrients and sediments that make for fertile soil.  Its current threats are excessive water extraction by large-scale agribusiness and untreated municipal waste that contaminates the river. 

Uriel Córdoba is the Rio Pauto Waterkeeper.  He's a native of a rural area in the municipality of Trinidad and grew up as part of a campesino community.  He pursued studies in Social Psychology and graduated with a degree in detective investigation/criminal justice, after which he worked for 15 years in intelligence operations with a Colombian security entity. He retired to pursue a career in politics; he served as councilman and mayoral candidate that gained the support of many disadvantaged populations. He is a community leader and is currently works in the hospitality industry and the livestock industry. He has been a Waterkeeper since 2009 and is committed to fighting for communities' right to clean water. 


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