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Travis Williams
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The Willamette River is one of the major geographic features in the State of Oregon. Running nearly 200 miles along its mainstem, the Willamette courses from forested foothills to the open bottomlands of the Willamette Valley. Here the river pushes past strongholds of floodplain cottonwood forests, flows through cities large and small, and past grass seed farms that cover the valley floor. Cities nestle against the river, from Eugene and Springfield in the south, to Corvallis, Albany, and Salem in the mid-valley, to Portland in the north. Counting the myriad tributary rivers that flow into the Willamette, the river’s “watershed” drains from the Cascade Mountains in the east and the Coast Range Mountains in the west. The Willamette watershed extends about 100 miles from south to north, encompassing some 11,500 square miles.

Travis Williams has worked in river conservation since the 1990s and since 2000 has led Willamette Riverkeeper. Earlier Travis worked for American Rivers and Conservation International in Washington DC. He is an avid canoeist who has traveled many western rivers and photographed their natural beauty. He holds a B.A. in International Studies from Portland State University and an M.S. in Environmental Science from The Johns Hopkins University. A fifth-generation Oregonian who grew up in Milwaukie, Oregon, Travis was on the Willamette River with friends at a young age. In March of 2009, his book The Willamette River Field Guide, was published by Timber Press. He has received the Skidmore Prize in 2004 for his leadership, and was awarded the Columbia River Hero Award by the Columbia Basin Toxics Reduction Workgroup for his work on reducing toxics in the Willamette.


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