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Tracy Kuhns
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The bayou country of South Louisiana is a five-million-acre ecosystem made up of salt marsh, brackish and fresh water shallow inland lakes, bays and swamps. This ecosystem is the life support of a diverse community of marine life, birds, animals and people. The renewable natural resources have been sustaining Louisiana's coastal communities for thousands of years. Fishing and hunting for sustenance, commercial and recreational purposes, and eco-tourism are the backbone of the bayou country culture and economy. These public resources are under attack from industrial pollution, urban runoff, and coastal erosion and development.

Tracy Kuhns became involved in environmental issues in 1985 when she organized a community response to the Brio Superfund site in her community of Friendswood, Texas. Since moving back to Louisiana in 1992, she has continued to work with communities on environmental, commercial fishing, and social justice issues. Tracy helped form the Gulf Coast Commercial Fisherman's Coalition, and is a current Board member of the Association of Family Fishermen and the Louisiana Environmental Action Network. She worked as a Community Outreach Coordinator for the Tulane University Environmental Law Clinic. She is well informed about government policy, environmental law, and community organization to effect change.


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