Savannah Riverkeeper


Tonya Bonitatibus
[email protected]

From Revolutionary times until the advent of railroads the Savannah River was an important transportation corridor. The headwaters of the Savannah River originate in the mountains of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia near Ellicott Rock, the point where the three states meet. From its headwaters to the Atlantic Ocean near Savannah, Georgia, the Savannah River travels about 300 miles and drains a watershed of 10,577 square miles. Much of the water in the upper basin is retained in several large dams, including those forming Lake Hartwell, Lake Russell and Lake Thurmond. The lower part of the basin is characterized by a meandering course with few tributaries and slow currents. Tidal action influences water levels and flows about 45 miles upriver from the mouth.

Tonya grew up near the banks in Hephzibah, Georgia, where her love and passion for the Savannah River began at a young age. Her career as a water conservation activist began in 2007, when she became the Development Director for the Savannah Riverkeeper. She also served as the Georgia Field Representative for Oceana's campaign to convince Olin Corporation to convert to a more efficient and - most importantly - mercury-free process. Tonya received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Augusta State University and her extensive knowledge of the River makes her an invaluable part of the Riverkeeper team.


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