Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper


Chantilly Higbee
[email protected]
(208) 597-7188

Nestled in the northern tip of Idaho, surrounded by three mountain ranges and just 60 miles from the Canadian border, lies magnificent Lake Pend Oreille. The primary source for Lake Pend Oreille is the Clark Fork River, which collects the water of all the rivers in northern Montana west of the continental divide. The Pend Oreille River flows out of the lake to the west, then turns north and empties into the Columbia River in Canada. Lake Pend Oreille is the fifth deepest lake in the United States at 1,158 feet deep! 

Chantilly Higbee joined the Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper team as the non-profit’s Waterkeeper in October 2018. Her background is in environmental science with an emphasis on understanding the impacts of human activities on freshwater ecosystems. She earned her Master’s degree in Biology from Eastern Washington University in 2017 where she studied the effects of mining-related pollutants on lake-dwelling macroinvertebrates. She conducted stream surveys and fish habitat assessments throughout North Idaho as an Environmental Technician with the Idaho Department of EnvironmentalQuality in 2017 and 2018.As a Waterkeeper, Chantilly now runs the Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper Water Quality Monitoring Program, which is powered by more than 17 citizen scientists in Sandpoint and neighboring communities.


PO Box 732
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864