Three Rivers Waterkeeper


Rob Walters
[email protected]

Within the geographic boundaries of the City of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River meet to form the Ohio River. The watershed of these “Three Rivers” covers most of Western Pennsylvania, North-central West Virginia, extreme Southwestern New York, and extreme Northwestern Maryland. The waters of the rivers run through abandoned steel and mining towns, pristine National Forest land, and meet at the business, cultural, and population center of Southwestern Pennsylvania. These rivers have been used for trade and travel since prior to the arrival of Europeans on this continent and still serve these purposes today. Not surprisingly, the history of Pittsburgh and the entire region revolve around the waters that made development of the region possible.

Before joining Three Rivers Waterkeeper, Rob was the Director of Membership and Individual Giving for Venture Outdoors and he spent the last nine years perusing his passion for inspiring people to get outside and experience nature through outdoor recreation and environmental education. He is credited as being a cornerstone in the success of Venture Outdoors and is recognized as a pillar in Pittsburgh’s outdoor recreation community. Prior to his work at Venture Outdoors, while earning his degree in Wildlife Conservation with an Entomology Concentration, Rob worked as a Naturalist, Field Biologist, and Field Technician for the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife and Division of Parks and Recreation.


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