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The Biscayne Bay watershed is 938 square miles large, including of 428 square miles of marine ecosystem and 350 square miles of wetlands. The more pristine parts of the Bay are known for their crystal clear waters and diverse marine communities. Hard bottom invertebrate residents include blue crabs, spiny lobsters, and sponges, while lush beds of seagrass filter the water and provide key habitat for numerous species. The mix of Atlantic and Caribbean ecosystems also allows for an incredible diversity of fish species (500) to call the Bay home during some point in their life. 

Rachel Silverstein joined Miami Waterkeeper as Executive Director & Waterkeeper in June of 2014. Her passion for protecting the environment began at an early age while growing up along the Southern California coast, where she played regularly in the local tidepools. She got SCUBA certified at 14 and has been an avid diver ever since. Rachel received a Ph.D. from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science in 2012. Her research focused on the effect of climate change on reef corals, for which she used genetic methods to answer ecological questions. In 2004, she was a summer intern at the San Diego Coastkeeper (then Baykeeper). 


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