Rio Supia Waterkeeper


Polo Benitez
[email protected]
57 320 725 2996



The municipality of Supía, in the department of Caldas, Colombia, currently has 25,984 inhabitants with a similar population distribution in urban and rural areas. The Supía river Basin is formed at the confluence of the rivers Aguas Claras and Estancia. It starts in the municipality of Riosucio and flows throughout the municipality of Supía before it flows into the Cauca River.

I have lived in this municipality for 23 years and I know all the neighborhoods within the watershed and the people from doing community work with Afro-Colombian, Indigenous and Spaniard communities. My approach with these communities has been very successful, which is reflected in their confidence in me, resulting in credibility that will help me in this work. For me it is very important to work within the parameters of a Waterkeeper in the Municipality of Supía. My vocation as a Technician in Agricultural Management has provided me with lots of experience in the social realm: sharing knowledge, educating people, carrying out work to achieve food security so families have access to fresh produce, and helping improve nutrition. I have conducted this work for a long time with families in the villages along the river, which is integral to the community’s health and future. I know that I can build on these relationships to successfully work with these communities on the grave environmental issues we face in Supía.


Calle 18 7.17 Torres de la vega
Supia, Caldas