Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper


Mary Lee Orr
[email protected]

The Mississippi River is now ranked on American Rivers’ list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. It drains 2,350 square miles in all or parts of 31 states, which contributes to its pollution problem. The Mississippi River Basin is home to 1.5 million people, and over 350 industrial and municipal facilities are located adjacent to the River within the state of Louisiana. Noncompliance with wastewater discharge permits by a large number of facilities along the River is widespread and we are addressing the issue by monitoring permit applications, compliance orders, and penalty notices.

Marylee Orr has led LEAN for most of its twenty-eight years. Marylee didn’t intend to work for the environment. In fact, her background was quite eclectic: she worked with Head Start, in real estate, and later owned an art gallery. Her life changed when her son was born with a respiratory illness that makes it incredibly hard for him to breathe. Marylee found inspiration in her son and wanted to help people who were less prepared to advocate for themselves and the environment around them.


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