Upper James Riverkeeper


Pat Calvert
[email protected]
(434) 964-7635

The James River is Virginia’s largest river, flowing across the entire state from its beginning at the headwaters of the Cowpasture and Jackson Rivers in Bath and Highland Counties, to its mouth at the Chesapeake Bay in Hampton Roads. The James is Virginia’s largest tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. The river is 340 miles long, which makes it one of the longest rivers in America that begins and ends in the same state. The James River Watershed encompasses approximately 10,000 square miles, which makes up almost 25% of the state. It is home to one-third of all Virginians who live in its 39 counties and 19 cities and towns, and touches the lives of more Virginians than any other feature on the landscape.

Pat Calvert has made the James River and its tributaries his home since relocating to Virginia. Born and raised in North Alabama's Tennessee River Valley, Pat experienced firsthand camping, hiking and exploring the haunts of the southern Appalachians, eventually earning the Eagle Scout award. Rapid conversion of agricultural and forested lands to urban and suburban uses near his home created a conscientious awakening that natural resources and health rely on human stewardship.


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