Kentucky Riverkeeper


Pat Banks
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(859) 200-7442



Kentucky River is the central artery for the state of Kentucky. It flows on a path that stretches from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky through the horse farms of the Bluegrass before finally joining the Ohio River on its course to the sea. It provides drinking water for one sixth of Kentucky’s population and is vital for the survival of countless plants and wildlife. Straight-pipe sewage systems, which drain human feces into the waters, plague the banks of this mighty river. 

Pat Banks is an artist, teacher, wife, mother and activist. She and her husband Alan are founding members of the Kentucky Riverkeeper. She has served on the board in many capacities such as events, education and advocacy. She is a trained water sampler with the Kentucky Watershed Watch. She hopes to inspire people from all walks of life to take an active role in the stewardship of their land, air and water. The beauty of our hills, valleys and river inspires the expression of an artist and the concern of an environmentalist.


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