Port Phillip Baykeeper


Neil Blake
[email protected]

Port Phillip is a large bay in southern Victoria, Australia, near Melbourne, and is the most densely populated catchment in Australia with an estimated 4.5 million people. The bay is characterized by sandy and sandstone rock beaches. Jellyfish are a familiar sight in Port Phillip, and its waters are home to species such as Australian fur seals, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, humpback whales, and southern right whales.  One of the greatest threats to the bay is plastic pollution.

Neil Blake has a unique capacity to bring diverse yet complementing stakeholders together and facilitate projects of practical action and scientific research to produce tangible outcomes. Well-respected in his field, Neil has participated on environmental panels such as the EPA Water Report Card Advisory and the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne (EFFM). Many families also know Neil as the tuneful, zero-waste pirate Captain Trash. An active musician from solid country roots, Neil's song Just Add Water was performed at the 2015 Waterkeeper Alliance conference in Colorado.


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