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Matt O'Malley
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San Diego Coastkeeper protects and restores fishable, swimmable, drinkable water in San Diego County. The region encompasses 70 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline in the southwest United States from Camp Pendleton/Oceanside to the US-Mexico border, as well as approximately 4,000 square miles of inland territory criss-crossed with freshwater rivers, creeks, lakes and ephemeral waterways. Highly urbanized, runoff pollution tops the list of water quality issues in San Diego County and so municipal and industrial stormwater are primary targets for Waterkeeper advocacy. With the region's semi-arid climate and a water supply comprising about 85% imports from imperiled Northern California and Colorado River sources, water conservation and replacing imports with local water supply like potable reuse also rank high on San Diego Coastkeeper's list of priorities.

Matt joined Coastkeeper in January of 2014. Prior to joining Coastkeeper, Matt practiced public-interest environmental and land-use law both through his own firm and with Wildlaw, a nonprofit law firm. Having represented a wide array of groups in the federal, state and local arenas, Matt worked on issues such as stormwater, Clean Water Act and NPDES permits, drinking water, land-use and growth management laws, clean energy, the Endangered Species Act, groundwater and soils remediation, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and environmental justice, to name a few. Like the original Waterkeeper organization, Matt got his start on the banks of the Hudson River. Originally from New Jersey, Matt has lived in worked in New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Washington, Florida and South Dakota. He finally settled in San Diego in 2010 after realizing there is no better place to live.


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