Petitcodiac Riverkeeper


Daniel Bard
[email protected]

The Petitcodiac River and the Shepody Bay estuary are important tidal systems influenced by the phenomenal Bay of Fundy tides. The tides reach upwards of 9 m in height on the Petitcodiac River and some 14 m in the Shepody Bay area (Hopewell Rocks), uncovering kilometers of mudflats at low tide, and nourishing some of the world’s greatest estuaries and shorebird sanctuaries. Strong tides reaching speeds of 13 km/hour and carrying huge volumes of water -- and offer some pretty cool tidal bore surfing opportunities! The natural concentration of suspended sediment in the river  gives the Petitcodiac River its nickname: ‘The Chocolate River’.

Daniel Bard became the Petiticodiac Riverkeeper in October, 2015.  Originally from Edmundston, NB, he has been living in Moncton for the past 12 years.  Mr. Bard’s impressive environmental work experience has focussed mostly on the energy sector. He has also been involved in international environmental initiatives, working in Europe on a carbonation of human sludge (waste) project, a commercial scale biofuel project using animal/vegetable by-products and an ethanol project using Algae (photosynthesis) in a joint venture with the United Nations.


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