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Luis Ovelio
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Orinoquia’s hydrographic zoning refers to the Eastern Basin of the Western Mountains range of the Andes, which is determined by the dividing line of those waters (rivers) flowing towards the Orinoco River Colombian Orinoquia is limited in the NorthEast by Arauca River, starting from the boarder between Santander and North Santander departments. One portion of this river marks the boarder limit with Venezuela, continuing with Meta River. This hydrographic region covers approximately one third (1/3) of Colombia’s total continental surface area, with 350,000 square kilometers, a total water flow of 21,000 cubic meters per second, and an average yield of 60 liters per second per square kilometer.

Mr. Ovelio is a chemical biologist with an specialization in environmental sciences and community work with rural, indigenous and marginalized populations. Twice elected as Municipal Mayor of Casanare, Luis Ovelio has also held the positions of Cultural Director of the Department and Secretary of Education and Health. He specializes in environmental education and citizen participation, is the author of many publications on these topics, and is now the leader for the creation of the new Public Policy on Environmental Education for the Orinoquia Region of Colombia.


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