Guanabara Baykeeper


Sérgio Mattos-Fonseca
[email protected]
(55) (21) 2609 8573



Guanara Baykeeper is a project of the Niterói-based NGO Associação de Proteção a Ecossistemas Costeiros (APREC).  It aims to protect the the second largest bay in Brazil, once a rich and diverse ecosystem that has suffered damage over the past few decades.  The bay has been heavily impacted by urbanization, deforestation, and pollution of its waters with sewage, garbage, and oil spills.

Dr. Mattos Fonseca is the Guanabara Baykeeper.  He is a professor of Environmental Management at the Technological School of Rio de Janeiro State  (FAETERJ, its acronym in Portuguese) and the Support Foundation for Technical Schools of Rio de Janeiro State (FAETEC).  He headed FAETEC’s Laboratory for Aquaculture, Fishing, and the Environment at the Vocational Technology Center in Sao Goncalo.  Dr. Mattos Fonseca is a graduate of the Fluminense and Viçosa Federal Universities.   He has served as a consultant for academic institutions and the private sector at the nexus of socioeconomics and the environment and on mitigation strategies after a 2000 Petrobras oil spill in the Guanabara Bay. He is a member of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), and an editor of academic articles and scientific papers at the State University of Rio Grande do Sul, the Sustainable Development Center at the University of Brasilia, and the International Journal of Ecology & Development.


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