California Coastkeeper Alliance


Sara Aminzadeh
[email protected]
(415) 794-8422

California Coastkeeper Alliance unites 12 local Waterkeeper programs to fight for swimmable, fishable and drinkable waters for California communities and ecosystems. With a tool belt filled with law, policy, science and creative media, CCKA is an experienced advocate that advances statewide policies and programs for healthy and clean waters.

Sara Aminzadeh directs statewide initiatives to improve the health of California’s coastal and inland waterways, including CCKA’s new Polluted Runoff Campaign. As the public representative on California’s Water Quality Monitoring Council, Mrs. Aminzadeh works to communicate state agency water quality data and information to the public in an easily understandable manner. In addition to work on programmatic initiatives, Sara works to cultivate an active, informed network of coastal constituents, mobilizing both traditional and new partners through the use of web-based and social media tools. 


156 Second Street
San Francisco, California 94105