Yoto River Waterkeeper


Kossi Koudahenou
[email protected]
(00228) 91 41 78 56



Yoto is a river in Togo, West Africa that is about 20 miles long and flows along seven villages with approximately 138,000 people, of which 80% are farmers that rely heavily on the river. Because of the lack of other sources of water in the region, Yoto serves as the drinking water source for the people, as well as for other daily needs that are actually the cause of river pollution.

Kossi is from Kouvé, Togo, where, as a child, he used to drink from and bath at the river as did everyone. He also noticed people getting sick from using the river in this way. In August 2015 Kossi left his consulting business in Arizona to return to Togo to protect his home river and communities. Kossi holds a BA in  Economics from Université de Lomé, and an MBA in Finance from the Northern Arizona University. Kossi has also worked for a non­profit organization to empower youth for a better future in Togo.