Klamath Riverkeeper


Konrad Fisher
[email protected]
(530) 627-3311

The Klamath Basin spans across the two states, beginning as headwaters in southwest Oregon and flowing down stream through the Klamath Mountains, picking up major tributaries and eventually flowing into the Pacific Ocean at river’s mouth on the Northcoast of California. The Basin includes territory of more than 10,0000 indigenous peoples including members of the Klamath, the Shasta, the Hoopa, the Karuk and the Yurok Tribes. The varied ecology of the basin provides a home and passage for a remarkable diversity of plants and wildlife, including threatened and endangered fish, mammals, reptiles and bird species.

Konrad Fisher has fifteen years of advocacy, research, and communications experience focusing on water, economic, and climate policy. Before joining the staff of Klamath Riverkeeper in 2011, Konrad worked for nonprofit organizations and tribal governments promoting the needs of river-dependent communities. Four generations of Konrad’s family have resided in the Klamath Basin, including paternal grandparents who logged throughout the basin and a maternal grandfather who helped dam the Trinity River. Konrad lives on the lower Klamath River and holds a BA from the University of Oregon.


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