Werribee Riverkeeper


John Forrester
[email protected]

“Werribee” is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘backbone’ or ‘spine.’ The river’s catchment is at the western edge of the greater Melbourne area in the state of Victoria. The Werribee River begins life as a couple of small creeks before flowing southeast where gorges and reservoirs are filled. The river continues south through flat delta land until it meets the Werribee Diversion Weir for irrigation channels bound for Werribee South farms. Flowing south through Werribee, the river reaches tidal influences and forms its estuary.  One of the greatest threats to the watershed is non-biodegadable trash.

John Forrester has worked for many years on plans, policies and initiatives to protect and revitalise the river and catchment. John has over 40 years experience in education in Victoria as a teacher and principal, and has been an active volunteer in environmental advocacy for the past 20 years.


PO Box 74
Werribee, Victoria 3030