Fraser Riverkeeper


Lauren Brown Hornor
[email protected]

The 'Mighty' Fraser is one of the world's major rivers. Through an intricate network of tributaries the Fraser River drains approximately 90,000 square miles or one quarter of the entire province of British Columbia. The source of the river is the snow and glacier-melt of the Rocky Mountains near Jasper, Alberta. The river descends rapidly before it spreads to a flat alluvial valley to the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the largest salmon runs of any river in North America, its silt-laden waters have formed the largest estuary on the Pacific coast of Canada. Thousands of First Nations peoples inahabit and depend upon the Fraser River.

Lauren Brown Hornor has loved water ever since she was a little girl, hunting for shells on the Florida beaches where she grew up. Channeling her love of water, Lauren provided legal support and guidance to Waterkeeper organizations across the country while working at Waterkeeper Alliance (WKA) in New York. Lauren was responsible for the WKA’s Clean Water Act Defense program, and while at the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic, she represented Riverkeepers in various enforcement actions on the Hudson River and in the Catskill Mountains.After serving as the Executive Director of Fraser Riverkeeper for 10 years, Lauren recently moved to the role of Partnership Lead for Western Canada with Swim Drink Fish Canada. Lauren's commitment to clean water was recognized at the 2016 Waterkeeper Gala in Toronto as one of twelve Swim Drink Fish Ambassadors.


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