Altamaha Riverkeeper


Jenifer Hilburn
[email protected]
(855) 902-4040

The Altamaha River is a major river in the U.S. state of Georgia. It flows generally eastward for 137 miles from its origin at the confluence of the Oconee River and Ocmulgee River where it empties into the Atlantic ocean near Brunswick, Georgia. Its length of 470 miles places it seventh on the list of U.S. rivers entirely within one state. The Altamaha River traverses a broad area of low population density with few significant towns or cities along its course. Centuries ago, riverboats used the Altamaha to reach those towns and the plantations founded along the rivers, which were the main transportation routes. 

Hilburn has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Portland State University, and she did additional study in marine biology and oceanography at the University of Copenhagen. She is finishing her master’s degree now. She has worked as an ornithologist in the Mediterranean, Central America and on St. Catherines Island, off the Georgia coast. Hilburn and her husband, Page Sessoms, live on the coast.


127 F St. Suite 204
Brunswick, Georgia 31520