Miles-Wye Riverkeeper


Elle Bassett
[email protected]
(443) 385-0511



The Miles River Watershed comprises approximately 27,000 acres, 52% of which are in agriculture, 32% in forest or brush, and the rest, for the most part, in development. The Miles River spans an area of 54 square miles, of which 12 square miles is open water. The Wye and Wye East Rivers run north off of the mouth of the Miles, each approximately ten miles long. These rivers flow from their headwaters near Queenstown, MD into the Miles and Eastern Bay.

Elle grew up on the South River in Annapolis and has a passion for being outdoors and introducing others to their local rivers.As Miles-Wye Riverkeeper, Elle is dedicated to the protection and restoration of our rivers. Elle is involved in ShoreRivers' environmental education and outreach programs, oyster restoration, water quality monitoring, and restoration projects. Elle received her undergrad from Washington College in environmental studies with a focus on Chesapeake Regional Students and recently received a masters in environmental education. She is a certified "Natural Leader" by the Children & Nature Network and has previously worked with the Chesapeake Bay Trust and NOAA.


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