Punta Abreojos Coastkeeper


Javier Villavicencio
[email protected]


The town of Punta Abreojos is located on the Pacific Coast of the Baja California Peninsula, approximately 450 miles south of the Mexico/U.S. border town of Tijuana.  San Ignacio Lagoon, approximately 15 miles wide and 9 miles across, is just south of Punta Abreojos.  It is the only undisturbed breeding habitat for the Pacific gray whale, and an important feeding area for endangered sea turtles, situated in the central part of the Baja California peninsula.  Punta Abreojos is part of the "Northern Pacific" region of Baja California, and the waters in this area are among the least polluted and cleanest anywhere in the peninsula.  Industrial and domestic pollution is minimal given the lack of industry and the small population of the area (1,000 in Abreojos and 2,500 in the perimeter of the San Ignacio Lagoon).  The major ongoing threat to the waters there is poaching, or illegal removal of marine species such as abalones, lobsters, and sea turtles by fisher folks that are not part of the established finishing cooperatives which abide by the laws prohibiting poaching.

Francisco Javier Villavicencio is the Punta Abreojos Coastkeeper.  He’s an active member of the 145-strong fisher folk co-op Cooperativa de Producicón Pesquera and was responsible for launching the turtle population-monitoring program in Punta Abreojos.  The co-op is considered a model for community organization and sustainable fishing practices.   Mr. Villavicencio leads Grupo Tortuguero, a group of fisher folks that an particularly interested in conserving the population of marine turtles in their region.  Mr. Villavicencio has been the group’s spokesperson.  He and his co-op received in 2003 the Condé Nast Environmental Award for their conservation work. 


Domicilio Conocido en Punta Abreojos
Punta Abreojos, Baja California Sur 23970