Morava Riverkeeper


Helena Kralova
[email protected]



The Morava River is the ecological backbone of the Central Czech Republic.  It branches out into a complex system of permanent and temporary rivers in the floodplain forests.  The Morava River flows south to form the border with Slovakia.  The river has suffered from urban and agricultural pollution and dams.

Helena Kralova has been the Morava Riverkeeper since 2000.  Her work has included  flood control and river restoration, water quality monitoring with citizens and students, and river clean up.  In March 2013, Helena represented Waterkeeper Alliance at the Beroun International Conference organized by STOP HF (hydrofracking) Coalition. Helena is a civil engineer with a Phd in water management and an associate professor at Brno University. 


c/o ZOCSOP Veronica Panska 9
Brno, 602 00