Rio Cravo Sur Waterkeeper


Félix Orlando Díaz
[email protected]
312 3770136


The Cravo Sur originates 3,800 meters above sea level in central Colombia.  The river encompasses more than a dozen tributaries, runs for 250 Km. (156.25 miles) and spans a watershed of 565,111 hectares (1,395,829 acres).  The Rio Cravo Sur is an important riverine connector in a region where most roads are flooded during the winter months and thus, all communication and movement of goods, services and people is done via this river.  The watershed is home to a great wealth and richness of native fauna - 205 species of fishes (such as piranhas, payára, stingrays, sardines, herrings, and ten catfish species), 853 species of birds (19 order and 63 families that group condors, partridges, pigeons, macaws, parrots, hummingbirds, toucans, herons, scarlet ibises, hawks, falcons, owls, wrens, blackbirds, finches, canaries, spoonbill ducks, vultures, king fishers, harp eagles) and 250 species of mammals (including coyotes, howler and spider monkeys, white-tailed deer, kikajous, foxes,  ocelots,  peccaries, squirrels, rodents, anteaters,  capybaras, sloths, armadillos, and agoutis).  A great majority of the residents of the towns in the watershed depend on the waters of this river. In the upper reaches of the watershed there are fields of corn, beans, sugar cane, banana, oranges, and coffee. In the middle and lower reaches there are cattle farms and subsistence farmers. It is here also where a fair amount of oil exploration and extraction activities are centered.  The Cravo Sur River is the main source of drinking water and water that sustains many economic activities in the area (hydrocarbon extraction and farming). A small amount of fishing is conducted locally, and this represents an important source of protein for the population.

Mr. Félix Orlando Díaz is the Rio Cravo Sur Waterkeeper.  An agronomist by training, Mr. Diaz has experience in execution, design and evaluation of forestry projects that include components of land management, reforestation, and crop management. He has worked with a variety of institutions and across several sectors.  He developed and coordinated reforestation projects and the sale and distribution of fruit trees for the company Agroforestal del Oriente, Ltda.  As a consulting land appraiser for Bancolombia Bank, he contributed to soil use studies.  He has served as Chief of Agriculture for the regional division of Colombia’s Agriculture Ministry for the state of Casarne.  Having lived next to and interacted with the Cravo Sur River, Mr. Díaz understands its importance for the wellbeing of surrounding community. By helping to protect and conserve the river, he hopes to further serve and aid the surrounding community.


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Yopal, Casanare 850001