Bimini Coastal Waterkeeper


Rashema Ingraham
[email protected]
(242) 373-7558



As the only mangrove habitat on the western Great Bahama Bank, Bimini serves as critically important nursery habitat for everything from conch & lobster, to snapper and sharks. Flushed daily by the warm, rich waters of the Gulf Stream, Bimini's marine habitats are some of the most important, and the most studied in all of the Bahamas. The mangroves & seagrass of Bimini's North Sound lagoon provide habitat for over 370 species of fish and invertebrates.

Rashema T. Ingraham serves as both Bimini Coastal Waterkeeper and Executive Director of Waterkeepers Bahamas. Rashema is a certified paralegal who has 5 years of legal experience, working closely on environmental litigation matters.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree for the College of The Bahamas (now University of The Bahamas).  It was her late grandfather who opened her eyes to the waterworld, taking her into his self-made canoes when she was much younger to catch fish and conch for the night’s enjoyment.  She finds peace and tranquility in or near the water, so she spends most of her weekends at the beach with her two children.


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