Yellow Dog Riverkeeper


Chauncey Moran
[email protected]
(906) 345-9223

The Yellow Dog watershed is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Baraga and Marquette County. It runs free and clean through wild country until it eventually reaches Lake Superior

Chauncey J. Moran is the Yellow Dog Riverkeeper and Board Chair for Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve. Chauncey has held many different jobs including pilot, engineer, gunsmith, and bargehand. His penultimate career was working for the Ford Motor Company in Flint, Michigan. Chauncey remembers sitting along the banks of a river with his daughter. She saw a tire floating in the river and asked her dad to retrieve it. He did not remove the trash. Still to this day, he remembers going home realizing that he should have done something. Since then, he has become more and more involved with helping the water stay clean.


P.O. Box 5
Big Bay, Michigan 49808