Casco Baykeeper


Ivy Frignoca
[email protected]
(207) 799-8574

Casco Bay is an estuary, a fertile crescent of ocean where rivers and tides converge. The estuary is saltier than most (a characteristic apparently preferred by lobsters) and cleaner than the rest, a quality enjoyed by all who spend time on Casco Bay. The Bay supports some 850 species of marine life; from microscopic plants to migrating pilot whales. Each spring, fifty islands become noisy nesting colonies for many of the 150 species of waterbirds that inhabit Casco Bay. Casco Bay is both a working waterfront and a port of call for cruise ships, oil tankers, and bulk cargo transports and a scenic postcard of historic forts, stalwart lighthouses, and secluded anchorages.

Ivy Frignoca has been living in the Casco Bay watershed for years, and she brings an impressive array of skills and local knowledge to the role of Casco Baykeeper. Her professional experience also includes teaching marine biology and ecology, interpreting natural history, designing policies to protect and promote Vermont state parks and forests, and advocating for stronger environmental protections for Lake Champlain.


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South Portland, Maine 04106