Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper


Carolina Chavarria
[email protected]
(506) 8485 9542



The Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper (NPWK) protects the coastal streams and the marine environment between the Cabo Blanco Reserve and the Caletas-Ario Wildlife Refuge. Water in this popular touristic destination faces major threats.  Among them: unplanned and unregulated touristic development which translates into households, hotels, and restaurants with inappropriate (or no) water treatment (often resulting in householdsm hotels, and restaurants disposing of grey and black waters directly into the streams/sea); illegal water wells that drain underground water reserves; draining of rivers for domestic and tourism use during high season; poor solid waste management; harmful agriculture; cattle farming; unsustainable fishing practices; lack of baseline information regarding watersheds; lack of general awareness and education of the population; an outdated national Water Law and weak law enforcement capacity. This coast is one of Costa Rica’s little-known paradises; NPWK is here to protect it!

Ms. Chavarría has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and a Master’s degree in International Cooperation for Development from the University of Pavia, Italy.  Originally from San José, Costa Rica, she has worked for non-governmental organizations since 2004, designing and managing environmental and social development projects and strategies in various developing countries. Her career has afforded her the chance to live in Morocco, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bolivia, and her native Costa Rica.  Her passion for nature compelled her to move to the beautiful Costa Rican town of Santa Teresa on the Pacific coast. Her goal: to kick-start the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper Organization and serve as an advocate for clean water. 


Plaza Kahuna
Santa Teresa, Puntarenas 5361