Columbia Riverkeeper


Brett VandenHeuvel
[email protected]
(541) 387-3030

The Columbia is the largest river flowing into the Pacific Ocean and you could comfortably fit 24 Massachusetts in the watershed. It is 1,243 miles long, capturing waters from large areas of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and even parts of Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah. It flows from Canadian snowfields to high-desert grasslands, slices through the Columbia River Gorge, draws a watery line between Portland and Vancouver, and creates a magnificent estuary where freshwater meets the sea.

Brett VandenHeuvel approaches Columbia Riverkeeper’s work through the eyes of a scientist, educator, lawyer, and avid river user. Prior to joining Riverkeeper, he conducted research on climate change during field expeditions to Antarctica and Alaska. He also started a solo law practice representing environmental groups in Oregon and Washington and then served as Columbia Riverkeeper’s staff attorney from 2006 to 2008. Brett has litigated and won cases challenging illegal pollution discharge, LNG terminal land use approvals, failure to disclose public information under the Freedom of Information Act, and destruction of salmon habitat. He holds an M.S. in Quaternary Science and Climate Change from University of Maine, and graduated with Honors from Lewis and Clark Law School. 


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