Congaree Riverkeeper


Bill Stangler
[email protected]

The Lower Saluda River flows out of the Lake Murray dam and merges downstream with the Broad River to form the Congaree River in the City of Columbia. The Lower Saluda River follows a generally straight southeastern course with mostly forested riverbanks, except in the vicinity of occasional transmission line crossings or developments. The river can be described as mostly low-gradient pools and glides with occasional riffles in the upper reach, and a somewhat higher gradient lower reach with pools, riffles, and rapids over bedrock and boulder substrate, particularly where the river cuts through the fall line near Columbia. Its watershed encompasses 689 square miles in Richland, Lexington and Calhoun Counties. 

Bill Stangler first moved to Columbia in 2005 from North Carolina to attend the University of South Carolina. In 2009 he graduated with honors and received his bachelors degree in geography. His studies focused on biogeography, landscape ecology and river science. Bill also worked for several years as a local river guide and in his spare time he is an avid paddler, hiker, and general outdoor enthusiast.


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