Little River Waterkeeper


Bill Shugart
[email protected]

The Little River Watershed is in the northeastern portion of the Upper Coosa Watershed and has a drainage basin of approximately 199 square miles. It is one of the only rivers in the world to run entirely on a mountain, which could be one of the reasons why it is still one of the cleanest rivers in Alabama. The majority of the watershed is located in DeKalb County with Little River flowing through Desoto State Park and Little River Canyon National Preserve attracting more than 350,000 visitors each year. The main stem of the river is formed by the confluence of the 17-mile-long East Fork and the 25-mile-long West Fork. The Little River flows another 23 miles from the confluence of the forks, through the canyon, to its end at Weiss Lake. 

Bill Shugart is the co-founder of Little River Waterkeeper. He holds two undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Education. Bill is a professional rock climbing, kayaking and backpacking instructor and combines his love and knowledge of the outdoors with his passion for protecting it. Little River is one of only 3 Outstanding National Resource Waters in the state of Alabama. Bill and his wife Angie founded One World Adventure and partner with State and National Parks to create unique Adventure Education and Environmental Science programs about Little River. 


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