Charleston Waterkeeper


Andrew Wunderley
[email protected]

The Modern Charleston Harbor Watershed is very different from the on first encountered by English settlers in 1670. Today, population growth and land development threaten the ability of our watershed to function naturally. Local dolphins have among the highest levels of organic pollutants seen globally in marine mammals. Yet despite these sobering facts, our local waterways are an integral part of our Lowcountry lifestyle. 

Andrew Wunderley is Charleston’s Waterkeeper. Andrew earned his J.D. from the Charleston School of Law in 2008. Prior to law school, Andrew earned a Master of Science in Environmental Policy from the Graduate School at the College of Charleston. Andrew is member of the South Carolina Bar’s Environment and Natural Resources Section. Andrew is a life long swimmer and surfer and has swum, surfed and paddled almost all Charleston’s local waterways. He lives on James Island with his wife and two children.


1630 Meeting Street Rd, Suite 205
Charleston, South Carolina 29405