North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper


Britt Standen
[email protected]
(780) 438-5148



The North Saskatchewan begins its journey in the meltwaters of the ancient Saskatchewan Glacier, high in the Columbia Icefields of the Rocky Mountains, forging a path across the province of Alberta and through the heart of Saskatchewan. Its headwaters are known as a Canadian Heritage River, in recognition of their glacial beginnings, ancient tributary valleys, Canadian Rockies wildlife, whitewater rapids, and rich historical association with mountain explorers such as David Thompson. The North Saskatchewan River and Watershed is home to a wide variety of recreational activities, including excellent walleye fishing, and to the iconic and prehistoric Lake Sturgeon.

Britt has always been closely connected to the North Saskatchewan River. Growing up along its banks, Britt spent her childhood water skiing, canoeing, cross-country skiing and walking the trails along the river with her parents. Her lifelong connection to the river made it a natural progression to “walk the talk” and co-found the Saskatchewan Riverkeeper group with Karen Percy-Lowe.


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