Kansas Riverkeeper


Dawn Buehler
[email protected]
(785) 312-7200

The Kaw River, officially renamed the Kansas River, is 172 miles long. It runs across northeast Kansas from Junction City to Kansas City, Kansas, where it enters the Missouri River. Including it's longest tributary, the Kansas River is 710 miles long and ranks as the 75th longest river in the world. The Kansas River is a shallow, sand based river, which once meandered in a braided fashion past the northern edge of the Flint Hills and across the Kansas prarie.

Dawn Buehler is the Kansas Riverkeeper with Friends of the Kaw. In her role as the Riverkeeper, Dawn works to protect and preserve the Kansas River. Dawn grew up on a 2,000-acre crop farm in the DeSoto river bottoms along the Kansas River in the Kaw River Valley. Dawn earned both a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Conservation from Oregon State University and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Baker University. She has spent her career working as a conservationist, accountant and farmer. Dawn is happiest when she is outdoors and you can often find her fishing, hiking, kayaking, reading and exploring.


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