Dan Riverkeeper


Steven Pulliam
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The Dan River rises in Patrick County, Virginia and travels through two states and six counties on its route into the Kerr Reservoir in Virginia. Five significant tributaries supply the Dan on its journey, the Mayo, Smith, Hyco, Sandy, and Banister rivers. The 3,937 square mile Dan River Basin is a subbasin of the Roanoke River Basin and supplies roughly 1⁄3 of its volume. Many of the nearly one million residents who call this area home enjoy the endless recreational activities the waters provide and rely on the rivers as their municipal water supply source. Our watershed faces numerous threats from industrial contamination, residential waste, poor land management practices, and short-sighted legislation. These issues have impacted our waters for many years with little positive action or enforcement. This degradation of our watershed impacts our water quality and endangers our unique and delicate ecosystems. Dan Riverkeeper will be dedicated to protecting our waters and restoring them to a condition that few today have seen. Frequent water quality testing, regular patrols, and community engagement are tools used to advocate for proper enforcement and further legislation to protect our precious resource.

Steven Pulliam is a river enthusiast and environmentalist from Stoneville, North Carolina, where he grew up enjoying the riches of the Dan River Basin. Steven believes that all people within are entitled access to clean air, land, and water and as chairman of Good Stewards of Rockingham, the sponsor for Dan Riverkeeper, Steven has been an active advocate against actions which harm our natural resources. Steven has owned and managed an organic farm with his wife and family since 2017, and has held upper management positions in the airline and automotive industries for more than a decade. Previously he lived in Vero Beach, Florida and fought against the nutrient discharge of Okeechobee sugar cane field waste into the Indian River Lagoon. As the Dan Riverkeeper, Steven is a strong voice for the unheard needs of the watershed by regularly testing water quality, identifying sources of pollution, and resolving the issues by all means necessary. Together with those who live within the basin, Steven is working to restore the Dan River watershed so its ecosystems, wildlife, and children may have a home for generations to come.


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