Waterkeeper Alliance Urges Governor McCrory to Repeal House Bill 2

house bill 2

Waterkeeper Alliance and Waterkeepers Carolina are urging Governor McCrory to repeal the House Bill 2 legislation he signed on March 23, which overturns protections for LGBT citizens across the state of North Carolina and fosters an environment of discrimination. The organization employs a team in North Carolina, and there are 13 Waterkeeper organizations throughout the state that employ 34 North Carolinians.

This venomous legislation is an affront to the values of Waterkeeper Alliance and our country. By coming together to urge the repeal of HB2, we affirm to our fellow Waterkeeper organizations, other water advocates and the public in general that as environmentalists, we know equality and human rights are intrinsic to environmental values.

Our movement currently employs more than 900 people across the globe and our presence in North Carolina contributes to approximately $4 million spent in the state each year.  We have a long history of fighting on behalf of North Carolina communities affected by egregious coal ash pollution and impacts from industrialized animal production.  We are invested in ensuring every North Carolinian’s right to clean water and quality of life.

The state of North Carolina’s backsliding creates an atmosphere of exclusion and hate and counters the very premise of our organization. As such, we are strongly considering moving the venue of our annual week-long conference, currently slated to be held in Wilmington, NC in June. Over 300 attendees from across the globe are expected to attend.

We urge Governor McCrory to repeal this repugnant law and honor the values of diversity, inclusiveness and equity — values reflected by a majority of North Carolinians.

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