Trump’s WOTUS Definition Attacks the Heart of the Clean Water Act

The Trump administration is implementing its treacherous strategy to eliminate Clean Water Act protections for waters—and communities—across the country through a rulemaking that removes historically protected rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, and other waters from its “waters of the United States” definition.

This rulemaking by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers is the most far-reaching attack we have ever seen on the Clean Water Act. By drastically reducing the number of waters protected by the Clean Water Act, it will cause untold damage to people, wildlife, and the country as a whole.

Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. released the following statement:

“The Trump administration’s proposal to eviscerate the Clean Water Act is a gift to polluters and an attack on the civil right of American citizens and our children to live in a safe nation free from exposure to dangerous toxins. History and science have proven that we cannot control pollution or protect our waterways without broad federal protections, and it is imperative for citizens to be able to hold polluters accountable for their misdeeds. President Trump promised to drain the swamp. Instead, he has turned our government over to oilmen, chemical barons and billionaire Plutocrats who make money by poisoning the rest of us.“

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