Swimmable Water Weekend 2014 - Waterkeeper

Swimmable Water Weekend 2014

By: Waterkeeper Alliance

We have just enjoyed another successful “Swimmable Water Weekend 2014” with a record number of Swimmable Water Challenge participants who took to waterways around the world to promote their local waterway and swimmable waters worldwide!

Thanks to everyone who participated and took a dive for clean water! We encourage Waterkeepers and their supporters across the globe to swim for clean water EVERYDAY and post your photos and video with #swimmablewater and tag @waterkeeper

Swimmable Water Weekend is a world-wide opportunity to connect to local waterways and to enjoy the waters we all work so hard to protect. Connect with your local Waterkeeper to learn more about the rivers, bays, streams, and watering holes they work so hard to protect.

Check out some of the best #swimmablewater moments below:

After a major chemical spill on the Elk River earlier this year, West Virginia Headwaters Waterkeeper, Angie Rosser says, “It’s time to take our rivers back!”

Puget Soundkeeper, Chris Wilke, took a dip in Seattle’s Puget Sound on a rainy July afternoon. Go for a swim in your own waters this weekend! Looks chilly, Chris!

Here’s a version of Iraq that we don’t get to see often enough. The once clear flowing rivers and streams of the country are becoming muddied, polluted and dried. Nabil Musa, the Iraq Upper Tigris Waterkeeper has taken up the challenge to swim 40 kilometers to raise attention and promote the cause of clean water and healthy rivers in Kurdistan. Check out his clip:

Agua apta para nadar (translation: swimmable water) is crucial to life in every corner of the world. Check out some submissions from Latin America, the fastest growing region in the Waterkeeper movement.

Upper Coosa Riverkeeper, Amos Tuck, challenges the members of the Coosa River Basin Initiative to create a video jumping into their favorite swimming hole to celebrate swimmable waters

Assateague Coastkeeper challenges her fellow Riverkeepers from the Chesapeake region to take the #swimmablewater challenge.

Grab your friends and get to the Russian River, part of the #SwimmableCA photo contest!

Mobile Baykeeper hosted an Instagram the forty days leading up to Swimmable Water Weekend. Check out this video of some of their amazing entries to the #SwimAlabama contest.

San Diego Coastkeeper says, “Get out there and swim!” (wetsuit may be required)

Ok we’re not really sure what to say about that voiceover, but that sure is a pretty epic rope swing jump. Well done, California Coastkeeper Alliance.

And not to be outdone, the staff of Waterkeeper Alliance headed to the Rockaways where superstorm Sandy destroyed most of the coastline just a couple years ago. Here’s to keeping water swimmable for generations to come!