Get In The Streets – Join Us At The Peoples Climate March!

peoples climate march

Whether it is rising sea levels, ocean warming and acidification, or changing weather patterns, climate change impacts every single one of us, and hurts the most vulnerable communities around the world most. On top of this, fossil fuels – which are the source of the majority of greenhouse gas emissions – have other devastating water impacts from the moment they are taken out of the ground.

Tackling climate change seems daunting, as many of us rely on fossil fuels for our electricity and transportation needs. However, the solution is clear and could easily be within reach. While we all should take individual action to reduce our carbon footprint, what is really needed is a worldwide commitment to move away from dirty, destructive fossil fuels to safe and clean renewable energy.

In order for this transition to happen, we need a federal government willing to take bold steps necessary to transform our energy system. Unfortunately, the Trump administration has done the exact opposite: the President’s recent executive order on energy is nothing more than a massive handout to fossil fuel companies that will dismantle previous efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

We need our lawmakers and leaders to stand up against the deep pockets of the fossil fuel industry and help to secure a safer, healthier future for all. That is why we are asking you to join Waterkeeper Alliance at the Peoples Climate March on April 29th!

Waterkeeper Alliance staff will be participating in marches across the United States, including:

Washington, D.C.
Missoula, MT
Aspen, CO
Medford, OR
Oakland, CA
Portland, OR
Tulsa, OK

Check out the People’s Climate March website for additional information on march locations around the world.

If you cannot make it to a march or want to do something extra, this week and next will be a great time to remind your Member of Congress that you expect action on climate change. Either give them a call, or speak at a town hall meeting, and say:

“My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a resident of [TOWN, STATE]. I want to talk to you about climate change. As a representative of the people, I am asking you to take action to protect us from the very real threat of climate change. Addressing this dangerous threat is actually very simple – we need to transition away from using fossil fuels. That means no longer giving handouts to fossil fuel companies, making them fully account for their environmental impacts, and encouraging investment in clean, sustainable energy. I know these companies have a lot of money and a lot of influence in Washington, so I am asking you, as my representative, to stand up to them and fight for a better future for all of us. Thank you.”

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