Energy Transfer Partners PA Explosion Another Example of Poor Pipeline Management

energy transfer partners pipeline explosion

Waterkeeper Alliance points to Energy Transfer Partners’ long history of pipeline accidents

Following the early morning explosion today of an Energy Transfer Partners pipeline in Beaver County, PA which prompted officials to close schools and evacuate dozens of homes, Waterkeeper Alliance Staff Attorney Larissa Liebmann has issued the following statement:

“Yet again, Energy Transfer Partners endangered lives when a pipeline exploded early this morning in Pennsylvania. We are thankful to the emergency first responders who acted swiftly to keep the community safe. Incidents like this are unfortunately all too common. Waterkeeper Alliance and Greenpeace meticulously documented more than 500 spills and millions of dollars in fines and property damage by Energy Transfer Partners in a report released earlier this year. The explosion this morning proves that ETP is still putting lives at risk and cannot be trusted to operate pipelines safely, and is a grim reminder of our nation’s need to quickly transition to clean and safe forms of energy like solar and wind.”

**Photo by WPXI

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